‘Calypso Wants’ Lyric Video

Calypso Wants Video Clip

Calypso was a nymph who appears in ‘The Odyssey’ charming Odysseus and keeping him prisoner on her hidden island until she is ordered by the gods to release him. There is a theme of concealment/revealment running through my new album and I loved the resonance of this story and her embodiment of powerful desire.  I felt that lush vocal harmonies would really fit and also I wanted a song structure that would build to just one chorus but then end with some tension, as for me in this song, she’s an older Calypso expressing a timeless longing.

Sometimes the imagery I have for my songs before I write them is so clear and so intense that I feel like I’m somehow betraying it if I make a video that isn’t anywhere near those first visuals I had.  But I think that the way to go is to try to forget about that and go with what is possible and what the finished song now triggers. 

We recently went back to Aldeburgh in Suffolk for a few days break.  It was there that I started writing my previous album ‘Nights Bright Days’ in 2009 and it was pretty emotional to go back. I was hoping for some mellow Spring sensual pastoral beauty, but instead we got freezing wind and thick, intensely evocative mist coming off the sea, or a ‘sea-fret’ as it’s beautifully known.

I’m glad we did have that fret as the sea was incredibly photogenic, hypnotic and also has such a powerful sensuality. I shot one video of the waves and when I came home and slowed it down it became exactly the same length of ‘Calypso Wants’ and seemed to fit emotionally just right.


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