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Nights Bright Days

Re-Released by Hidden Shoal 4th November 2014

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Album Cover art

‘Entrancing artpop’ – textura

‘Hidden Shoal (are) re-releasing that album which is a good thing as you can hear there, it’s absolutely gorgeous…’ – Tom Robinson BBC6 Music

Musical witchcraft... Beauty is in the ears of the beholder and these ears behold beauty– bluesbunny

‘Sumptuous dream pop’ – the underground of happiness

Arresting sleepy headed woozy baroque folk dreaminess..... spell crafting all manner of enchantment’ – the sunday experience

Shimmery timeless quality’ – von pip for fresh on the net

Chloë March’s voice has a quality of intimacy and distance held at a delicate tension’ – the modern folk music of america

A stunning raw and emotional minimalism’ – shell zenner for fresh on the net

‘An evocative and poetic tale of sensual sounds arranged in a series of unique musical dreams.... an elegant dream pop vibe... beautiful– nowamuzyka


Originally released by Chloë March in winter 2013 ‘Nights Bright Days’ is now re-released by Hidden Shoal along with an EP of six new tracks: ‘Under The Day’.

‘Nights Bright Days’ is Chloë's third album and the second that she has written, performed, recorded and produced herself.

Four years in the making, the album began in November 2009 in a tiny, freezing holiday cottage in the bleak and beautiful Suffolk town of Aldeburgh.  Inspired by the cold full moon hanging over the sea, Chloë decided the album would be about the Night and Metamorphosis.  Four years later the album itself had transformed into a cycle of songs as dreams imbued with imagery of darkness and light, night and day; of Orpheus in the fields and at sea, bonfires on a frozen river, lonely kings, bohemian San Fransisco, Eurydice on the underground, deep woods and sleeping hearts, sensuality, loss and longing.

portrait with leaf silhoutte

The album embraces elements of jazz, classical, folk and dream-pop, and features guest musicians on bass clarinet, soprano sax (Ted Watson), French horn (Emma Bell) and guitar (Tommy Ashby). ‘Nights Bright Days’ features single ‘Winter Deep’, a shimmering waltz that opens the album with weightless grace. ‘Winter Deep’ was written on a Midsummer day, walking by the local canal. Fragments of an unusual peal of church bells were blowing around in the (cold) wind and these snippets of circling melody inspired the vocal line.

The singles ‘Ember’ and ‘Winter Deep’ have both featured on Tom Robinson's BBC6 Introducing Show, been picked for the Introducing Mixtape and voted through by the public to Fresh Faves on Tom Robinson's blog Fresh on the Net. Other tracks from ‘Nights Bright Days’ have been regularly played on the Danish National Radio DR P2 ‘Nightfly’ shows and have had airplay on The Underground of Happiness, Dandelion Radio, Future Radio, Ottic FM Germany and Channel Radio.

The 16 track album ‘Nights Bright Days’ is available to buy for £10 as a beautiful digipack CD with 6-page pull-out booklet including all lyrics and original photography by Chloë. To buy the CD or download the album in high quality MP3's (or FLAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis etc) for £8 please go to Bandcamp. As always, thanks so much for your downloads, shares, likes and support for Chloë's music!


Under The Day ~ FREE Bonus EP

Six new songs released alongside the album ‘Nights Bright Days’ 4th November 2014

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Under The Day EP cover

A set of daydreams that form a miniature B-side to the album ‘Nights Bright Days’, this is a collection of six songs including the piano ballad ‘May’ and the dream-folk synth/harp reverie for the oldest tree in Kew Gardens ‘Old Tree, Mon Coeur’ that garnered Chloë Soundclouder of the Day earlier in 2014 ‘Dreamy voice… A magical atmospheric song’.The new songs on this EP include ‘Ballooniad’ inspired by tales of the early Balloonists lifting off from coastal cliffs, a dreamily buoyant track tethered to a circling bass and ‘Big Tree Engine’ a  minimalist reflection centred around deep jazz-inflected piano chords inspired by an ancient tree in central London.



Video for ‘Winter Deep’ by Chloë March, Colour Correction by Cam Merton 2014