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Blood-Red Spark


In her fourth album, Blood-Red Spark, March continues her exploration of a rich musical seam in which songwriterly storytelling and imagistic soundscape meet. Beautiful ambient/electro-pop soundworlds of warm spaciousness and radiant sensuality are underpinned by a compelling pulse - a vital heartbeat of an album of emotional concealments and revealments, truth and trickery, loss, longing and desire.

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The Orpheus Pavement EP


Six track EP 'The Orpheus Pavement' featuring new song ‘The Orpheus Pavement’, along with two originals from Chloë March's acclaimed album Nights Bright Days and three remixes (by Lvmark, Sam Atkin, and Chloë March).

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'The Orpheus Pavement is dreamy, slow-motion pop music, pulsating with sensuality. Listening to the EP feels like surreptitiously ingesting laudanum and wandering half-dazed through a secret garden that’s slowly shifting and warping around you. As with so much of Chloë March’s work, it was inspired by the mythical – the largest Roman mosaic ever found in Britain, which depicts Orpheus charming nymphs, tigers and other creatures with his songs. In this instance, the story is just the start, as March’s compositions bloom from reverberating piano and voice into evocative soundworlds that contain multitudes. Two of the songs are further transformed by remixers Lvmark, Sam Atkin, and March herself, into shimmering refractions of their former selves.' Hidden Shoal

Hidden Shoal Press Release for 'The Orpheus Pavement' PDF



Under The Day EP


Forming a miniature B-side to the album Nights Bright Days, this is a collection of six songs including the dream-folk synth/harp reverie for the oldest tree in Kew Gardens ‘Old Tree, Mon Coeur’ ('dreamy beauty... a stunning evocation' the underground of happiness) and the dreampop piano ballad 'May '(‘Ice sculptured neo-classicist dream folk at its most pristine and perfect and sheer heartbreaking and humbling to boot.’ the sunday experience) Songs also include ‘Ballooniad’ inspired by tales of the early Balloonists lifting off from coastal cliffs, a dreamily buoyant track tethered to a circling bass and ‘Big Tree Engine’ a  minimalist reflection centred around deep jazz-inflected piano chords inspired by an ancient tree in central London.

Written, Produced and Performed by Chloë March

Mastered by Steve Kitch

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Nights Bright Days

2013/Re-released by Hidden Shoal 2014

Originally self-released by Chloë March in winter 2013 ‘Nights Bright Days’ was re-released by Hidden Shoal in 2014 ('which is a good thing, as you can hear there, it’s absolutely gorgeous…’ Tom Robinson BBC6 Music)

‘Nights Bright Days’ is Chloë's third album and the second that she wrote, performed, recorded and produced herself.

Four years in the making, the album began in November 2009 in a tiny, freezing holiday cottage in the bleak and beautiful Suffolk town of Aldeburgh.  Inspired by the cold full moon hanging over the sea, Chloë decided the album would be about the Night and Metamorphosis.  Four years later the album itself had transformed into a cycle of songs as dreams imbued with imagery of darkness and light, night and day; of Orpheus in the fields and at sea, bonfires on a frozen river, lonely kings, bohemian San Fransisco, Eurydice on the underground, deep woods and sleeping hearts, sensuality, loss and longing.

‘Entrancing artpop’ textura

Attention to production detail is matched with fascinating storytelling.... March’s vocals manage to find that difficult balance between elegance, emotion and mystery... Aural bliss.’ Leonards Lair

The album embraces elements of jazz, classical, folk and dream-pop, and features guest musicians on bass clarinet, soprano sax (Ted Watson), French horn (Emma Bell) and guitar (Tommy Ashby).

The singles ‘Ember’ and ‘Winter Deep’ have both featured on Tom Robinson's BBC6 Introducing Show and Introducing Mixtape. Other tracks from ‘Nights Bright Days’ have been regularly played on the Danish National Radio DR P2 ‘Nightfly’ shows and have had airplay on Radio Eins Berlin, 2ser Radio Sydney, University College Cork Radio, Dandelion Radio, Future Radio, Ottic FM Germany and Channel Radio.

Nights Bright Days received many glowing reviews

Written, performed and produced by Chloë March

Mastered by Steve Kitch

Available to buy as a beautiful digipack CD with 6-page pull-out booklet including all lyrics and original photography by Chloë.

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Dance/Theatre Score

Chloë was commissioned to compose a score for the dance-theatre piece realPolitik, choreographed by Julie Hope and performed at the Michaelis Theatre, London in 2008. realPolitik was a re-working of The Green Table, a tanztheater piece created by German choreographer Kurt Jooss in 1932. The Green Table explored political corruption and the futility and horror of war. This modern version also concentrated on those issues, focusing on modern warfare and personal power-plays between characters.   Inspired by composers such as Walton, Weil and Stravinsky, Politikmixes orchestral drama with intricate and atmospheric electronica and weaves texts from A. E. Housman and Jonathan Swift into the score as spoken word elements. Highly atmospheric and emotionally involving, Politik offers an evocation of the 1930’s era of the original piece with a dynamic contemporary twist.

Written, performed and produced by Chloë March

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Garden On The Boulevard EP


Garden On The Boulevard is a collection of six songs that includes tracks inspired by boulevard cafés and old cameras, lost love and seductive glamour, the dawn chorus, mythical bees, ghosts in the garden and frozen lakes.

Written, performed and produced by Chloë March

Mastered by Steve Kitch

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Chloë spent three years writing, recording and producing Divining, her second album. Inspired by water and featuring Chloë’s trademark poetic lyrics and immersive, cinematic soundworlds, the album journeys through immersive sensuous soundscapes including a decaying Venice, a lament for Anne Boleyn, nostalgic sunlit reveries, tales of sadistic sculptors, grieving wolves and dark seas of love and loss.

With the piano at it’s heart and interweaving french horn, strings, marimbas and found-sounds including wind-chimes, paper and grass, this is a meticulously and lovingly-crafted album with a haunting, melancholic undertow.

'An inner theatre made tangible by sound' Julians Flight

'A command of the keyboard reminiscent of Kate Bush, Tori Amos or Nina Simone… hear the three years of perfectionism….’ Tom Robinson BBC6

Written, performed and produced by Chloë March

Mastered by Steve Kitch

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Chloë March's first album includes pared-down ballads for piano and voice and her first explorations into more epic, multi-layered highly evocative soundworlds. Musicians include Emma Bell on French horn, Matt Southcombe on Cello and Ben Hylands on drums.

'An inner theatre made tangible by sound' julians flight 

'Sophisticated songwriting... a trace of David Sylvian's jazz-tinted sound...The utterly gorgeous melody and March's singing are exceptional. Snowdrop is a thing of beauty.' collected sounds 

Recorded at Opus Studios, Grayshott Engineer: Tim Benson

Three tracks recorded at The White House, Bristol

'The Fisherman's House' re-mastered by Dave Cathro 2006, The Lighthouse Studio

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Snow Kiss

Christmas Single 2008

A dreamy, luscious Christmas track.

Airplay includes Danish National Radio (DR P2) and Dandelion Radio.

Written, performed and produced by Chloë March

Mastered by Steve Kitch

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To Set The River On Fire EP


'EP release To Set The River On Fire opens a window into a new universe of possibilities: Hidden Shoal artists remixing each other’s music. In the first of what we hope will become an ongoing series, English dream-pop artist Chloë March takes on a track from the latest album by German experimentalist Markus Mehr – and vice versa. Listening to ‘Buoy (Chloë March Remix)’ feels like watching Chloë March creep tentatively into Markus Mehr’s shadowy soundworld, casting her radiant voice around the room like torchlight. While on ‘Ember (Markus Mehr Remix)’, the original’s beautifully simple arrangement for voice and piano is trapped within a hall of industrial-sized mirrors, anxiously roving around in search of escape. Each remix complements the other, masterfully re-interpreting the source material while inviting fresh listens to the original.' Hidden Shoal

incendiary and seductive Igloo Magazine

‘ - it's an auspicious pairing. His feel for sonic textures is a great match to chloe's instrumental sensibilities and gossamer voice, which is unique and beautiful.... especially cool is when she steps into markus' tune 'bouy'. Her voice inhabits the spaces he creates.’ mfoa

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Gila Man: Todd Tobias


'Each Todd Tobias solo album presents its own discrete, surreal world – and Gila Man is no exception. A wordless musical novella that merges a psychedelic Western with shadowy science fiction, Gila Man simultaneously evokes the wide-eyed wonder of discovery and the creeping dread of what horrors may lurk around the next corner. Featuring the stunning wordless vocals of English songwriter and fellow Hidden Shoal artist Chloë March, the album is at once beautiful and unsettling – and a wonderful distillation of the magical qualities of Tobias’s previous musical outings.

Gila Man’s individual songs vividly evoke characters and scenes within the album’s imaginary narrative, casting dusty projections onto the mind’s eye. Breezily meditative single ‘Pollen Path’ shimmers with acoustic fingerpicking and Chloë March’s celestial voice. ‘Howler’s Hill’ breaks out of its haunted intro into an agitated, fuzzy churn, while ‘Queen Mab’ circles around synth and chime motifs to create a delicate, melancholic dirge. ‘Tularosa’, again featuring Chloë March, is woozy, French-sounding atmos-pop. ‘Highlake’s Last Stand’ pits dreamy guitar wanderings against ritualistic sludge rock. Wherever this music ventures, the listener is compelled to follow.' Hidden Shoal



Troubled Mystic: Liminal Drifter


'Debut album by Australian electronic Hidden Shoal artist Liminal Drifter, featuring collaborations with English dream-pop artist Chloe March.

Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including Black Dog, Plaid and early Autechre, as well as more contemporary peers, Liminal Drifter evokes a spectrum of emotions across beautifully detailed electronic tapestries. Moving from downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica, this suite of songs works as if by osmosis, gently irradiating your subconscious.

Liminal Drifter roves widely and deeply across Troubled Mystic’s hour-long run-time, allowing the songs to breathe and cross-pollinate. The title track punctuates a bright, shuffling groove with golden swells of brass and an aching vocal from Chloe March. ‘Dark Sunlight’ recalls the brooding majesty of Massive Attack’s ‘Inertia Creeps’. And gorgeous closer ‘Soothed by Summer’ vibrates with crystalline melancholia, resonating long after the last note has dropped.' Hidden Shoal

‘...a thrilling and teasing track of icy coolness and perfectly tempered charm. You can see/hear the link, or musical relation towards, backwards to the trip-hop of the 90s/early 00s, such as Massive Attack’ Luna Kafe

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Bloc4: Jumpel


'Bloc4 centres around the elevated yet lonely world of a tower block, each track poetically investigating its multi-faceted elements and spaces. The songs were written throughout 2012, with ideas collated, reviewed, developed and remixed. Following the wonderful results of his collaboration with Chloë March on Europa single ‘Edinburgh’, Joe Dürbeck presented the ideas for Bloc4 to March and invited her to select tracks and develop vocal ideas. The March-fronted tracks, including first single ‘Blue Ceiling’ and new single ‘Flight’, are especially stunning – and offer a perfect counterbalance to the more melancholic, spacious instrumental pieces. Bloc4 is the fourth Jumpel album to be released through Hidden Shoal.' Hidden Shoal

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Edinburgh Single from

Europa: Jumpel


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