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‘a luminous voice, a smoky alto that unfurls like a plume of cigarette smoke, its velvety tone a sensual narcotic... it’s hard not to think of the mythological sirens who used their hypnotic voices to lure sailors ashore’ – textura

Often compared to singular artists such as Nina Simone, Beth Gibbons, Kate Bush and Elizabeth Fraser, Chloë March follows her own independent path, writing, recording and producing all her music from her home studio in south-east England.

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Inhabiting musical territory somewhere between art song and folk, dream-pop and electronica, ambient and cinematic, Chloë embraces all these influences to create emotionally charged, poetic and intensely atmospheric songs and soundworlds.

Chloë's music has recently had airplay on BBC6 and Danish National Radio. In 2014 she signed with the highly regarded Indie label Hidden Shoal ('this generation's 4AD' DJ Mojo). Please see the News page for more info.

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Inspired by myth, history, fairytales, books, film and the sensuality of the natural world, with an obsessive attention to detail and a desire to create intensely atmospheric and emotionally truthful music, Chloë released her first album ‘Snowdrop’ in 2004. She spent some time touring the UK and Italy as keyboard player with Cousteau and then embarked on a three year odyssey of teaching herself how to record and produce while writing her second album ‘Divining’ (2008). The album was lovingly crafted, themed around water and featured piano, her sister Emma Bell on French horn, use of vocal multi-layering and detailed textural electronica and found-sounds.

‘A command of the keyboard reminiscent of Kate Bush, Tori Amos or Nina Simone... Hear the three years of perfectionism’ Tom Robinson BBC6.

Since ‘Divining’ Chloë has released an EP ‘Garden On The Boulevard’, the single ‘Snow Kiss’ and was commissioned to compose the 40min electro-orchestral soundtrack for Dance/Theatre piece ‘Politik’ performed at the Michaelis Theatre, London. She has worked with German ambient Producer, Jumpel, singing on his 2010 single ‘Edinburgh’ and on four tracks of his 2013 ‘Bloc4’ album.

‘March elevates every song on which she appears...’ textura.

Chloë’s 2013 self-released album ‘Nights Bright Days’ was re-released on November 4th 2014 through Hidden Shoal along with a companioin EP ‘Under The Day’. Airplay for tracks from the album has included BBC6, DR P2 (Danish National Radio), Ottic fm Germany, 2ser Radio Sydney and Radio Eins Berlin.

So far in 2015 Chloë has produced her first Remix - an interpretation of Hidden Shoal label-mate Markus Mehr's ‘Bouy’, released on the EP ‘To Set The River On Fire’, a Remix vs. project that saw Markus Mehr remixing Chloë's track ‘Ember’-

‘Incendiary and seductive...’ Igloo Magazine

and July sees the release of a new vocal collaboration, ‘Troubled Mystic’, the title track of the new album from Australian electronica artist Liminal Drifter, one of three tracks she has worked on included on the album, released August 2015. For more info please go to hiddenshoal.com/project/liminal-drifter


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Chloë March has always lived a life with music at its heart. She grew up as part of a musical family in rural Warwickshire, both parents musicians at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, her mum a Pianist, her dad a Brass-player, both passionate teachers. Her mum's daily piano practice including music by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy and Schumann was the soundtrack to her young life, and Chloë started piano lessons aged four. Later, after her parents divorced, songwriting and improvising on the piano became vital to her. Her early life was steeped in classical and jazz, with later raids on her siblings’ record collections revealing the wondrous new worlds of Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell, which led to personal discoveries including David Sylvian, the Cocteau Twins, Nina Simone, Steve Reich and Peter Gabriel all of which influenced her own music.


Playing in bands with her brother and spending time in his 8-track home studio sparked a passion for recording, particularly for building up soundscapes with the texture and depth of multi-tracking. This early experimentation forged a passion for the process and a determination to be in control of her own recording at home, where she now works, with occasional visits from guest musicians.

Chloë’s long, slow discovery of her singing voice has also been an odyssey of sorts, gradually finding the confidence and freedom to reveal a jazz-inflected alto that has been variously described as absolutely charismatic, mesmerizing’ and sensual’.

Before deciding to concentrate solely on music, Chloë studied at the University of Manchester, from where she has a Degree in Drama and a PG Dip in Playwriting. She composed scores for many productions in the Stephen Joseph Theatre, including 'Antigone', 'Barbarians' and her one-woman show 'Words in her Mouth' which she toured around the North West. Her first play 'Mater Dolorosa' was produced by Theatre Alibi.