'...a luminous voice, a smoky alto that unfurls like a plume of cigarette smoke, its velvety tone a sensual narcotic....' textura


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To buy the beautiful CD digi-pack of 'Nights Bright Days' with 6-page booklet including all lyrics/Chloë's original photography and/or Digital Download in a variety of formats including MP3 and FLAC please head to Bandcamp. Purchase of the CD comes with immediate Digital Download of the album. ***March Sale*** Digital Download of all 16 tracks for £5!

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Lovingly and intricately crafted, sophisticated and sensual, ‘Nights Bright Days’ (Nov 2013) is Chloë March’s third studio album and the second she has engineered and produced herself.

The album began in November 2009 in a tiny, freezing holiday cottage in the bleak and beautiful Suffolk town of Aldeburgh.  Inspired by the cold full moon hanging over the sea, Chloë decided the album would be about the Night and Metamorphosis.  Four years later the album itself had transformed into a cycle of songs as dreams: imbued with images of darkness and light; of Orpheus in the fields and at sea, bonfires on a frozen river, lonely kings, bohemian San Fransisco, deep woods and sleeping hearts, sensuality, loss and longing.

‘Nights Bright Days’embraces jazz, classical and folk influences and glitters with auto-harps, psalteries, layered vocals and piano textures, with guest musicians on French horn (Emma Bell), guitar (Tommy Ashby), bass clarinet and soprano sax (Ted Watson). The album oscillates in an emotionally charged hinterland somewhere between folk, artsong, dreampop, electronica and cinematic. Chloë’s trademark velvety alto is to the fore, bringing with it the beauty and luminosity for which she is becoming known and loved.

Poetic, dreamy and engaging, ‘Nights Bright Days’ is a multi-layered, hypnotic and rewarding album. On the right are 3 songs from the album ~ hope you enjoy and thanks for your support for Chloë's music....

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March 2014:

The single ‘Ember’ from Chloë's album ‘Nights Bright Days’ was voted onto the top 12 Fresh Faves at fresh on the net (‘a stunning raw and emotional minimalism’ : Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio DJ), then chosen for Tom Robinson's handpicked BBC6 Mixtape and went on to feature as a highlight from the Mixtape on The Tom Robinson Show on BBC6. Listen to the Mixtape podcast here


Earlier in 2014

Every day Soundcloud choses one of it's 30million plus community to be a SoundClouder of the Day. In late Feb Chloë was featured with her ‘magical, atmospheric song’ ‘Old Tree, Mon Coeur’ . Many thanks to everyone who liked and shared this lovely event! The song is a standalone track, available to download at Soundcloud:


In January the album received wonderful reviews from Lukasz Komla at the music blog Nowamuzyka and from the Canadian magazine Textura - extracts from both reviews are to the right.

Video for the Single 'Winter Deep'

Also at youtube

Thanks for listening and for supporting Chloë's music.


'Chloe March is blessed with an absolutely charismatic voice' nowamuzyka

'In a typical song, she bolsters her singing's impact and the music's entrancing potential by accompanying the lead vocal with intricate, multi-layered counterpoint (“Orpheus at Sea” one good example of many). At such moments, it's hard not to think of the mythological Sirens who used their hypnotic voices to lure sailors ashore, wrecking their ships against the island's rocky coast in the process.' textura

''Nights Bright Days' is an evocative and poetic tale of sensual sounds arranged in a series of unique musical dreams... I compared her voice to Beth Gibons or Mimi Parker, but I cannot ignore such singers as Tracey Thorn and Tori Amos ("Ember", "Le Roi Lonely" and "Dream Swim")

The recording 'Orpheus Head' remains deep in the memory, with electronic backing, piled vocals, piano phrases and an elegant dream-pop vibe. In turn, the beautiful ballad 'Eurydice On The Underground' recalls the late 90s work of David Sylvian' nowamuzyka


'...these amalgamations of synthesized programs, with delicate colorings of piano, saxophone, zither and guitar are closer to the work of Erik Satie than they are to traditional pop music. March’s work most recalls David Sylvian’s classic album, Secrets of the Beehive with its slow burning atmospherics that borrow from folk, classical, jazz and electronic ambient music' strange alphabets


Recent Reviews for Chloë's vocal collaborations with ambient artist Jumpel

'The expressive and acoustic qualities of Chloe March’s own experiments and personal poetry resonates intimately with Joe Dürbeck’s immersive and powerful electronic fragments to a create a very sensuous experience.' Igloo Magazine

'Vocalist Chloë March['s] humanizing presence elevates every song on which she appears... Alluringly hushed... Her sensual vocalizing [and] soft, smoky delivery leaves a haunting impression' textura

'An extraordinary vocal from March, at times reminiscent of Beth Gibbons and Mimi Parker of Low' Nowamuzyka


For Chloë's previous Albums 'Divining' and 'Snowdrop':

'A command of the keyboard reminiscent of Kate Bush, Tori Amos or Nina Simone... Hear the three years of perfectionism' Tom Robinson BBC6

'A mesmerizing voice.... An inner theatre made tangible by sound' Julians Flight

'Wow this is a beautiful record' Collected Sounds

'Electronic dreampop with dashes of jazz and artsong. One woman band March crafts an ethereal song cycle... using the intricate minimalism of Steve Reich, layers of sparkling keyboards and her deep, sensual alto....Ms March is a more pastoral Kate Bush. it's the sort of music that would accompany a movie version of Wuthering Heights (as directed by Peter Greenaway)' The New Gay











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